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Our Services

With 35+ years of experience providing Property Management, Entrepreneurship, and Financial Management services to private individuals and businesses owners, Capstone Business Solution offers the following services to train, inspire, and help individuals turn their dreams into a reality.


Property Management Training

As real estate investment opportunities continue growing, the ability to create wealth is greater than ever before. Learn how to effectively manage rental & multi-family housing to increase your profits and eliminate risks & liabilities.


Entrepreneurship Training

Learn how to use an actionable business plan to successfully start a company by taking Capstone's 20+ yrs of experience in providing startup services to help guide you through the maze of starting & operating a profitable business.


Financial Management Training

Many people experience financial hardship as a result of not knowing how to spend, save, and invest their funds — not because they lack income. Don't allow money to create stress; learn how to use it to gain financial freedom instead.



The Difference

Expertise, Customization, and Dedication to our clients;

This is what enables us to provide higher quality services at more affordable prices than the competition.

 Decades of Experience

Capstone Business Solution doesn't just offer property management, entrepreneur, and financial management training; we also invest in multi-family housing and leverage the principles used in our training to get results. We have firsthand knowledge to aid you every step of the way as you navigate this fast paced industry.

✅  Customized Training

Capstone Business Solution offers customized training solutions catered specifically to meet your needs. Our training is designed to provide you with the building blocks needed for creating a successful business and enabling you to interact with peers in hands on environments where learning and collaboration are key.

✅  Budget Friendly Services

Capstone Business Solution understands that every customer doesn't have the ability to manage several properties while starting their company and utilizing a financial plan to diversify their portfolio.  This is why we work with varying budget sizes and meet our clients where they are — always aiming towards financial freedom.



About Capstone

Capstone Business Solution, LLC was founded by its President, Dr. Elaine Anderson, PhD. With over three decades of property and asset management experience, Dr. Anderson has trained countless numbers of professionals with their entry into property management, entrepreneurship, and financial management. As a result, today Capstone Business Solution takes Dr. Anderson's knowledge & training principles and offers them to customers nationwide. To date, our team has:

  • Taught money management principles to individuals looking to increase their personal and business cash flow;
  • Worked with investors to increase ROI on various investments;
  • Created and maintained operating and capital expenditures for clients;
  • Developed and implemented maintenance programs;
  • Worked with individuals to start and successfully operate their own businesses; and
  • Taught parishioners how to successfully manage their finance and become debt free in a short period of time.


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